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Source R&D is the authoritative source of technology and services information supporting pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in their drug discovery and development research projects.

Source R&D features extensive listings of service providers classified under company or organisation type, including contract chemical manufacturers; contract biologics manufacturers; biological research companies and organisations; and companies and organisations providing advisory, consultancy, legal, regulatory and other services.

The extensive coverage of Source R&D and the support of life sciences organisations One Nucleus and Bionow make it an invaluable reference tool that streamlines the vendor selection process to bring pharmaceutical/biotechnology companies and suppliers together.

Isogenica licenses CIS Display Technology to Fusion Pharmaceuticals

Isogenica and Fusion Pharmaceuticals have formed a licensing agreement that will combine the two companies’ expertises in recombinant protein technologies and radiopharmaceutical development. Isogenica specialises in the design and construction of highly diverse synthetic antibody libraries and the use of…

Zelluna Immunotherapy appoints Arjan Roozen as CTO

Zelluna Immunotherapy, a specialist in T-cell receptor (TCR) immunotherapies for cancer has appointed Arjan Roozen as chief technology officer (CTO). According to Miguel Forte, Zelluna’s CEO, the company appointed Roozen specifically for his wide-ranging knowledge in key areas of cell…
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AstraZeneca uses breath biopsy to study asthma, COPD disease drivers

Owlstone Medical has signed a service agreement to supply breath biopsy services to AstraZeneca for the identification of novel biomarkers to help differentiate between disease phenotypes relevant for asthma and COPD. The services will include the development of classification algorithms…
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Certara launches QSP Immuno-oncology Simulator Consortium

Certara has launched its Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP) Immuno-oncology Simulator Consortium to support the application of computational modelling and experimental methods in examining the mechanistic relationships between a drug, the biological system, and the disease process. QSP integrates quantitative drug…
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IONTAS and IGEM Therapeutics to collaborate on anti-cancer antibodies

IONTAS Limited, a specialist in the discovery and optimisation of fully human antibodies, is to collaborate with immuno-oncology company IGEM Therapeutics on developing novel immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies for cancer treatment. The project will add to IGEM’s pipeline of drugs…
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JXTG Energy sells Irvine Scientific to FujiFilm

JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation is to sell Irvine Scientific Sales Company, Inc and IS Japan Co, Ltd to FUJIFILM Corporation. JXTG Energy acquired Irvine Scientific in 1987 and launched IS Japan in 1989: both companies have continuously expanded to…
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Gyros Protein Technologies introduces Gyrolab xPand to improve immunoassay workflow in biotherapeutic discovery, development and production

Gyros Protein Technologies has introduced its Gyrolab® xPand immunoassay platform to provide higher throughput, greater flexibility and faster analysis of large sample numbers in biotherapeutic development. The new platform features more advanced instrumentation and software that are designed to ensure 21 CFR…
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BIA Separations and RBPS Technology partner on large-scale DNA vector production

Slovenia-headquartered biochromatography development and manufacturing company BIA Separations and RBPS Technology, the developer of the proprietary Minicircle DNA technology, have formed a partnership to provide scalable manufacture of Minicircle DNA at high purity. The project combines BIA Separations’ monolithic purification…
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Metrion Biosciences establishes Scientific Advisory Board

Ion channel contract research and drug discovery specialist Metrion Biosciences has established a scientific advisory board (SAB) to provide strategic scientific guidance to the company. The SAB members were selected for their extensive and diverse experience in ion channel screening,…
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Concept Life Sciences completes phase 1 of GXP plan

Drug discovery, development and analytical services company Concept Life Sciences has completed the first phase of its GXP compliance plan, achieving GLP (good laboratory practice) accreditation of its Dundee, UK site last December for in-vitro safety studies and bioanalysis. The accreditation increases…
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Enamine and BioSolveIT launch large-scale chemical compound sourcing database

Chemical research organisation Enamine Ltd and medicinal chemistry software specialist BioSolveIT GmbH have launched their jointly-developed REAL Space Navigator software tool which provides efficient search-and-find access to more than 640 million pharmaceutical-oriented molecules, to date the world's largest chemical space…
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Quotient Siences signs cocrystal formulations evaluation agreement with Nuformix

Quotient Siences has established an agreement with Nuformix Technologies to evaluate the clinical performance of Nuformix’s lead pharmaceutical cocrystal, NXP001, which is based on a currently marketed treatment in the field of oncology supportive care. Pharmaceutical cocrystals, re-engineered crystalline forms of…
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Irvine Scientific increases cell culture dry powder media production capacity

Cell culture media specialist Irvine Scientific has exanded its dry powder cell culture media manufacturing facility in Santa Ana, California to increase overall production capacity, including large-scale cGMP manufacturing. The multi-step expansion included more space dedicated to animal component free…
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