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Source R&D is the authoritative source of technology and services information supporting pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in their drug discovery and development research projects.

Source R&D features extensive listings of service providers classified under company or organisation type, including contract chemical manufacturers; contract biologics manufacturers; biological research companies and organisations; and companies and organisations providing advisory, consultancy, legal, regulatory and other services.

The extensive coverage of Source R&D and the support of life sciences organisations One Nucleus and Bionow make it an invaluable reference tool that streamlines the vendor selection process to bring pharmaceutical/biotechnology companies and suppliers together.

TTP Labtech introduces new liquid handling platform

Automated instrumentation specialist TTP Labtech Ltd launched a new liquid handling platform, dragonfly discovery. Based on the success of the company’s first dragonfly liquid handling platform, dragonfly crystal, which was designed for crystallographers, TTP Labtech has developed a second generation…
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C4XD concentrates on R&D activities and investments

C4X Discovery Holdings has shifted its focus to generating a high-value preclinical asset portfolio that will drive revenue through early-stage licensing deals.in line with the company’s vision to become one of the most productive drug discovery engines in the world.…
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Amatsigroup acquires Disposable-Lab

France-based CDMO Amatsigroup has acquired Disposable-Lab, a specialist in the manufacture of clinical batches of drugs in injectable form. Founded in 2008 in Martillac near Bordeaux, France, Disposable-Lab has benefited from growing market demand for single-use solutions for aseptic production…
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Kymab expands infectious disease programme

Monoclonal antibody biopharmaceutical company Kymab Group Limited has received a $9 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to accelerate the development of novel vaccines and therapeutics for infectious diseases, including HIV. The Gates Foundation will provide the…
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Innova Biosciences introduces antibody labelling confirmation kit

Bioconjugation products and services provider Innova Biosciences has launched the Conjugate Check&Go! Kit, the company’s first lateral flow product specific to antibody labelling. The kit allows researchers to confirm in one easy step whether an antibody has been successfully conjugated…
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DNA2.0 changes name to ATUM

Machine learning (artificial intelligence) in biology pioneer DNA2.0, Inc has changed its name to ATUM after the ancient Egyptian first god, the underlying substance of the world, a product of energy and matter to reflect the company’s expanded focus on…
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Heptares Therapeutics discovers structure of CCR9 chemokine receptor

Heptares Therapeutics has elucidated the high-resolution X-ray crystal structure of the CCR9 receptor, a member of the chemokine receptor family, GPCRs that have diverse roles in immune defence by controlling the migration, activation and survival of immune cells. Chemokine receptors…
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University of Turin veterinary researchers seek technology partners to develop spinal cord slice platforms and nociception and neuroinflammation therapeutics

Researchers from the Department of Veterinary Sciences at the University of Turin in Italy are seeking partners to help further develop and validate innovative spinal cord slice platforms (SCSPs) for studying nociception and neuroinflammation ex vivo, and for preclinical development…
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AMSBIO expands human endothelial progenitor cell range

UK-based AMSBIO has expanded its catalogue of primary and progenitor cell types and media with a new range of human endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs). These cells are a primitive cell type derived from bone marrow and have properties similar to…
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