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Gyros Protein Technologies introduces Gyrolab CHO-HCP E3G Kit for biotherapeutics impurity testing

Gyros Protein Technologies CHO kit subbed TM 17.9.18Gyros Protein Technologies AB, a pioneer in automated nanolitre-scale immunoassays and a supplier of peptide synthesizers and reagents, has introduced its Gyrolab CHO-HCP E3G Kit for impurity analysis in the CMC bioprocess workflow of biotherapeutics as an addition to the company’s Gyrolab range of ready-to-use products designed to increase productivity and reproducibility for scientists and engineers in bioprocess analysis. Gyros Protein Technologies has developed the kit as part of its licensing and supply agreement with Cygnus Technologies using Cygnus’ gold standard 3G CHO-HCP ELISA reagents.

Gyrolab CHO-HCP Kits quantify residual host cell proteins (HCP) from Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells used in bioprocessing of biotherapeutics, one of the critical analytical steps in ensuring the safety of the therapeutic. Combined with the automation, performance and high throughput of Gyrolab systems, the new kits have a broad dynamic range and show low intra- and inter-assay variation, which, the company says, increases productivity in host cell protein analysis in bioprocess development. Optimised for use with the Gyrolab platforms, the new kit is designed to provide consistent and sensitive assay performance without the need for extensive assay development. With further qualification of antibodies in the customer’s assay, using sensitive orthogonal analytical services provided by Cygnus Technologies, it is now possible to identify the coverage to individual downstream HCPs and determine if a process-specific antibody and subsequent Gyrolab custom assay is required.

The Gyrolab immunoassay platforms, Gyrolab xPand, Gyrolab xP workstation and Gyrolab xPlore, were developed for bioanalytical applications such as pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics, immunogenicity and affinity studies and IgG titres, as well as for quantitating bioprocess-related impurities. In addition, Gyro Protein Technologies’ Gyrolab CD technology, which is based on highly reproducible nanolitre microfluidics, is integrated with the Gyrolab platforms to automate nanolitre-scale immunoassays with parallel processing through the application of laser-induced fluorescence detection.

For further information about Gyros Protein Technologies visit www.gyrosproteintechnologies.com

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