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Bioclinica introduces expanded and enhanced SMART technology suite

Bioclinica logo 18.7.18

Bioclinica, a global life sciences services provider that uses technology to bring clarity to clinical trials, has expanded and enhanced its SMART technology suite by making it available with medical imaging, electronic data capture (EDC) and interactive response technology (IRT) combined with all essential activities in a common data set. Investigative sites can now access medical imaging, EDC and IRT data via a single, easy-to-use portal and can view, analyse and act on data. Implementation is underway by a major pharmaceutical company and a leading CRO using Bioclinica’s enhanced SMART technology for their global trial portfolio.

Additional benefits of the enhanced SMART technology suite include real-time data reconciliation, automation, reduced data management effort and faster database lock. It allows sites to skip these data-cleaning steps since information is automatically and continuously updated and scrubbed. This prevents downstream errors that can potentially affect data quality and compliance. The system acts as a prototype patient screening, enrolment and dispensing system within days of protocol receipt and allows plug-in functionality with Bioclinica Site & Patient Payments, Cardiac Safety (ECG and ABPM), and Clinical Event Adjudication, as well as being compatible with data supply from third-party providers.

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Last modified onWednesday, 18 July 2018 07:13