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Horizon Discovery and Genewell Biotechnology form diagnostic reference standards Chinese distribution partnership

Horizon Discovery logo 27.3.18Horizon Discovery has entered into a partnership with Chinese company Genewell Biotechnology under which Genewell will manufacture Horizon’s reference standards in China and distribute these as ‘research use only’ (RUO) products to Chinese diagnostic companies for use in assay development programmes. In addition, Genewell will seek approval for the use of Horizon’s reference standards with the Chinese Food and Drug Administration (CFDA). Once approved, the standards will have the potential to be sold directly to the broader Chinese clinical laboratory market through Genewell’s existing customer network. Horizon will receive a royalty on all reference standards sold.

 Horizon’s Reference Standards offer a source of genetically defined, quantitative, sustainable and independent third-party reference material, critical to the validation and routine performance monitoring of assays. They are available in a broad range of formats, including formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) cell line sections, purified genomic DNA (gDNA), and cell-free DNA (cfDNA) on its own or spiked into synthetic plasma.

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