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VolitionRx interim trial results demonstrate ability to detect stage 1 colorectal cancer

VolitionRx logo 6.3.18VolitionRx Limited has presented interim results from its first asymptomatic colorectal cancer (CRC) frontline screening study which is being carried out in collaboration with Hvidovre Hospital, University of Copenhagen, Denmark involving 680 subjects from the Danish National CRC Screening Program demonstrating that a small panel of three ELISA assays was able to detect 80 per cent of stage 1 CRC cases and 66 per cent of high-risk adenomas (HRAs) at 78 per cent specificity.

Cameron Reynolds, chief executive officer of Volition, commented, “Using only a small panel of three assays and considering certain limited patient variables, these data demonstrate that we can identify early-stage and pre-cancerous adenomas at a high level of accuracy in an asymptomatic screening environment. Our tests use only a small amount of blood and could be added to routine blood screening regimens at a reasonable cost. We believe these are the first data to show high detection rates in a blood test, not only of early stage 1 cancer, but also of the extremely important high-risk pre-cancerous adenomas. We believe that with further development, our Nu.Q panel could form the basis of new CRC tests with early-stage disease detection and that our tests could become accessible to and usable by a wide section of the screening population around the world.”

CRC is one of the most preventable cancers, yet it currently remains the least prevented form of cancer. The American Cancer Society Cancer Facts and Figures 2018 report states that the five-year survival rate for CRC at all stages is 65 per cent; however, the survival rates differ significantly depending upon the stage at diagnosis: only 14 per cent of patients diagnosed at stage 4 survive more than five years, whereas 90 per cent of those diagnosed at stage 1 survive more than five years, clearly underscoring the importance of early detection. Moreover, while not included in the Facts and Figures report, it is widely believed that diagnosis of pre-cancer conditions like HRA and high-grade dysplasia can result in cancer-free survival.

In addition to the study in Denmark, Volition is participating in what is believed to be the largest-ever CRC screening study in collaboration with the US National Cancer Institute's Early Detection Research Network with a cohort of more than 13,500 subjects and study completion expected in 2020. The objective of this US study is to build upon the European studies to refine test performance and to present final data to the FDA prior to its completion. Volition expects to define the final panel for the US front-line test within the next 18 months.

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